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The Maria
Condos for sale in south of the island start price  at
$269,080. 23 usd
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Deptos. Emilia
3 luxurious 2 bedroom apartments fully furnished contemporary style for sale… From $525 k. usd
Now $450,000. usd
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Terreno Plata
Lot for sale in Cozumel on main Avenue.
Lot Size: 28,901.1 sq ft.
11,840.3 sq ft.
$639,000. usd
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Mi Casa en Cozumel
Hotel Boutique – 9 Rooms & Suites. 1 Block from the ocean in the heart of downtown.
$1,000,000. usd
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Casa Parque Centro
Antique house for sale in the main square of cozumel …$1,000,000 usd More Info…
Conjuntos Cozumel Centro       Total number of studies: 6, 5 above and one below, Total, number of rooms, 7 below and 7 above. Laundry room downstairs, utility room / bathroom upstairs. $1,300,000. usd More Info… Desarrollo Albatros
Building For Sale in Cozumel Main Ocean Avenue – 6 Units in Ground Floor + 2 floors up.
$2,500,000. usd
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Lote Delicias  EXTENSIVE (1.66 ha.) OCEANFRONT lot in Isla the Riviera Maya at its most exclusive It is the ONLY such property  available on the island at this time 10,664 m2 Cozumel
$3,000,000. usd
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Terreno Discover
Lot on South coast for sale
Lot size:  14,043 m2 (151,157.44 sq ft)
$3,861,825 usd
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Edificio Margarita
Building For Sale in Cozumel Main Ocean Avenue 776.55 m2 (8,358.70 sq ft)
$7,800,000. usd
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Properties Quoted in Pesos.-

Locales Eva
2 Commercial Spaces,1 bathroom plus 2 spaces to be finished, patio.
$2,400,000. mx
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Conjunto Habitacional Colonos
Nice property at 10 minutes to caribe mexicano ! 2 apartments in the first floor  and house in the second floor 
$7,800,000. mx
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Bodega 65 Av
Warehouse for sale on main Avenue with office and bathroom…
$6,500,000 mx 
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Deptos. Margarita
Excellent for Investment – Apartments and Offices – On Cozumel.
Lot Area: 270 m2 (2,906.26 sq ft)
$7,000,000. mx
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Local Gallito
Excellent for Restaurant – Bar On Central Square of Cozumel.
Area: 3670.49 sq ft    Constr: 2883.22 sq ft
$9,222,000. mx
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Terreno Jumu
Magnificent property located in the commercial area of Cozumel Total Area: 4,180 m2 44,993.10 sq. ft.$10,000,000 mx
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Edificio Capris
Building with 6 apartments in addition to this, there is a 3 bedroom house, Garage for 4 cars…
$11,500,000. mx
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Property in 5 street with Melgar
Commercial property for sale.
Lot Area: 773.33 m2 (8,324.04 sq ft)
$31,462.545 mx
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Hotel Aguilar
Hotel for sale, only steps from Oceanfront Avenue in Cozumel. 31 Rooms + Pool + parking.
$40000,000. mx
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