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Terreno Juarez x 85 Av
Lot Size:
500 m2 
(10 m x 50 m) = 5,382 sq ft (39.37 ft X 164 ft)
$125,000 usd
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Bodega Molly
Great commercial property for sale. Large warehouse with offices, patio and storage area. 
$125,000. usd
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The Maria
Condos for sale in south of the island start price  at
$269,080. 23 usd
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Departamentos  Novara
16 Residences with amenities and 3 commercial premises start at
$280,000. usd
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Departamentos Emilia-webDeptos. Emilia
3 luxurious 2 bedroom apartments fully furnished contemporary style for sale… From $525 k. usd
Now $450,000. usd
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Local Parque - front view Cozumel Central Park webLocal Parque
Commercial Space on central square + 1 Apartment with 3 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom.
$450,000. usd
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Centro Holistico Las Abejas
The Octagonal House has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms,a main patio and two patios …
$599,000 usd
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Terreno Plata - front view 65th Av Cozumel webTerreno Plata
Lot for sale in Cozumel on main Avenue.
Lot Size: 28,901.1 sq ft.
11,840.3 sq ft.
$639,000. usd
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Villas Casa Colonial - Cozumel Islan webVillas Casa Colonial
4 Villas in Cozumel a 2 Story complex – 2  Bedrooms + 2.5 Baths each) + Swimming Pool.
$780,000. usd
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Mi Casa en Cozumel
Hotel Boutique – 9 Rooms & Suites. 1 Block from the ocean in the heart of downtown.
$920,000. usd
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Conjuntos Cozumel Centro       Total number of studies: 6, 5 above and one below, Total, number of rooms, 7 below and 7 above. Laundry room downstairs, utility room / bathroom upstairs. $1,300,000. usd            More Info… Hotel Aguilar - front view webHotel Aguilar
Hotel for sale, only steps from Oceanfront Avenue in Cozumel. 31 Rooms + Pool + parking.
$2,000,000. usd
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Desarrollo Albatroz - front view webDesarrollo Albatros
Building For Sale in Cozumel Main Ocean Avenue – 6 Units in Ground Floor + 2 floors up.
$2,500,000. usd
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Hotel San Miguel
Hotel for sale, only steps from Oceanfront, 4 stories, 67 rooms
$3,500,000. usd
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Terreno Discover
Lot on South coast for sale
Lot size:  14,043 m2 (151,157.44 sq ft)
$3,861,825 usd
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Edificio Margarita
Building For Sale in Cozumel Main Ocean Avenue 776.55 m2 (8,358.70 sq ft)
$7,800,000. usd
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Hacienda Cazaleti - webHacienda Cazaleti
Residence plus Bungalow, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, swimming pool & gardens with fruit trees.
. . . SOLD . . .
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Properties Quoted in Pesos.-

Bodega Vega - front view webBodega Vega
A large warehouse for sale, located on a Park. Construc: 2,066.67 sq ft.
$1,250,000. mx
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Oficinas con Bodega - front view webOficinas con Bodega
Modern offices for sale with attached storage area. New construction.
$1,856,000. mx
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Locales Eva
2 Commercial Spaces,1 bathroom plus 2 spaces to be finished, patio.
$2,400,000. mx
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Bodega 65 Av
Warehouse for sale on main Avenue with office and bathroom…
$5,500,000 mx 
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Conjunto Habitacional Colonos
Nice property at 10 minutes to caribe mexicano ! 2 apartments in the first floor  and house in the second floor 
$6,000,000. mx
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Deptos. Margarita
Excellent for Investment – Apartments and Offices – On Cozumel.
Lot Area: 270 m2 (2,906.26 sq ft)
$7,000,000. mx
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Deptos. Amarillos
Comfortable commercial opportunity. Apartments located in a corner, 2 buildings, 1 of three levels.
$7,800,000. mx
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Local Gallito - croquis webLocal Gallito
Excellent for Restaurant – Bar On Central Square of Cozumel.
Area: 3670.49 sq ft    Constr: 2883.22 sq ft
$9,222,000. mx
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Terreno Jumu
Magnificent property located in the commercial area of Cozumel Total Area: 4,180 m2 44,993.10 sq. ft.$10,000,000 mx
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Edificio Capris
Building with 6 apartments in addition to this, there is a 3 bedroom house, Garage for 4 cars…
$11,500,000. mx
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Property in 5 street with Melgar
Commercial property for sale.
Lot Area: 773.33 m2 (8,324.04 sq ft)
$31,462.545 mx
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Local Maple
Great commercial property for sale. Large warehouse with  storage area On Main 65th Av. in Cozumel!
Lot Area: 387.50 m2 (4,171.01 sq ft)
$00,000. mx
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