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Departamento Bibiana - webDepto. Bibiana
2 Bedroom 1 bath apartment with swimming pool, for sale in Cozumel.
$46,000. usd
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Departamento Tortugas - webDepto. Tortugas #10
1 Bedroom 1 bath apartment with swimming pool.– SOLD –
$48,000. usd
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Casa Carmita
Home for sale in Cozumel, 2 bedroom, 2 bath and yard to grow.
$75,000. usd
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Departamento Tortugas - webDeptos. Tortugas
Apartment buildings in two floors.
          – SOLD –
$85,000. usd
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Casa Esquina
Small home for sale 1 bedroom, 1 bath, large garden…
$120,000. usd
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Casita con Arboles - webCasita con Arboles 
Little home for sale. 1 bedroom. Big Garden with fruit trees.
Casa Angel - webCasa  Angel
Home for sale, with several bedrooms, spaces and living areas.
$890,000. mx
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Casa Yoli - webCasa Yoli
3 plus 1 Bedroom 2 baths home in front of basquetball park for sale.
$1,140,000. mx
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Casa Triangulo - web 2Casa Triangulo
2 bedroom 2 storey home for sale near green areas and parks.             …UNDER CONTRACT …
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Casa Andrea - webCasa Andrea
1 Aptmt, 3 Bedrm, 2 Bath, storage room. … SOLD …
$ mx
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Casa del Sol
Opportunity House in front of a Park for sale in Cozumel! 3 Bedroom 2 full baths.
$1,450,000. mx
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Casa Alfonso - webCasa Alfonso
Opportunity House to complete it to your taste!  1st. floor has 2 Apartments.
From $1,750,000. mx
New $1,550,000. mx
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Casa Alicia - webCasa Alicia
House – 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Gardens, garage & well.


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Casa Rubi - Palaya del Carmen - web 2Casa Rubi 
Home for sale in Playa del Carmen 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths Mixed use, unfurnished
$1,900,000. mx
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