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Price: $ 599,000 usd 

For Sale

The Holistic Space

At less than a kilometer from crystalline water, Holistic Tikun is the first and only Holistic Space on the island of Cozumel, which could either be used as a Retreat Center (Yoga and Coral Restoration, Meditation & Snorkeling etc.), or as your off the grid paradise. 

The space consists of 7 structures: 
The Octagonal House 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, high ceiling kitchen, spacious living room, and patios all over the first floor. The second floor is zapote hardwood. All bedrooms and the living room are equipped with A/C. All windows offer a breathtaking, green view. The shape of the house has been specifically designed to allow air circulation.

The Dorm 2 story, outside concrete inside wood - has 7 single beds, for those wishing to spend less on accommodation, a mini-kitchen, a shared bathroom, and a patio. If you’re not interested in a dorm, the space could easily be transformed into a guesthouse.

Palapa spacious and with fresh air, fully screened, hardwood floor
Cabaña right in front of the pool, walled with net and straw, can be used for those wishing to spend the night in a more outdoors environment or as a spa.

Sweat-lodge for ceremonies.
Pool with the right height for water therapies/workshops such as aguahara.
Exterior Showers with public bathroom and storage.

The space also has a big solar heater for a free and sustainable source of hot water.
The furniture can stay or you can furnish it yourself.

As for the tropical climate, most foods can grow here. The property has been filled with raised beds so you can cultivate your own food and offer it to your guests. Other than the raised beds, the space also has many fruit trees - coconuts (3 species!), noni, mamey, guava, guanabanas, grafted citruses, carambola, neem, and mangoes - and a high production of perennial plants - bananas (4 species!), moringa, chaya, ceylon spinach, lemongrass, lemon balm, cuban oregano, aloevera, tapioca, arrowroot, hoja santa, pineapples, papayas, coffee, mulberries, and dragon fruits.

We have been rescuing and working with stingless bees with now 26 colonies belonging to 6 species. If you’re interested in stingless beekeeping, an arrangement can be made for the stingless bees to stay if somebody is willing to get some training. The stingless bees have been for us a gift as they attract people to stay here and also income as we do a stingless bee tour. Otherwise, the stingless bees can be moved and sold to another property.

If you’re interested in carpentry, all the machinery can come included.

The company SHOFAR SA DE CV has been managed by an incredible accountant and is in great status. It could be part of the sale if the client is interested.

After 3 years on the island, we have created a network and established commission rates with all the amazing teachers, massagers, therapists (acupuncture, biomagnetism, osteopathy, and more), diving and snorkeling guides on the island which we will happily pass to our buyer.

The property is 47x48 meters. A total of about 2200 square meters.
The owners are asking a fair price of $599,000 dollars.

Lot Size: 2,256 m2 (24,283.35 sq ft)

Calle Zaramullo 6, Huertos Familiares.

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